The Other Stuff

I am a quilter that takes great pride in the job I do. Since I am a hand-guided long arm quilter, my quilting is more organic in nature. I am not relying on a computer to quilt out a design at the touch of a button.

A common problem seen in quilting is wavy borders. This occurs for a few reasons, and please understand that sometimes the excess cannot be quilted out. I will do my best, and use every trick in my arsenal to deal with this, but I cannot guarantee that puckers/tucks will not be sewn into the quilt. If I run into a problem, I will contact you and provide photos, and we can discuss possible resolutions. For further information on sewing borders, please check out this awesome article by Rachel Hauser called how to sew a Quilt Border.

I would love to have the opportunity to share photos of your quilt on any of our website or social media feeds. I will ask for your permission when I meet with you. It is totally your choice if would like to share your work or not.

Should your quilt be entered into a show/competition, we ask that you respectfully name Lyric Girl Threads and/or Lynda Johnson as the machine quilter.


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Fred, the Gnome, guardian of my Bernina Q24 when I'm not using it.


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