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Your Quilt

In order for your quilt to be ready to load on my machine there are a few requirements.  I only ask that you provide an extra 3” (all the way around) of backing fabric and batting.  Therefore, a finished quilt top measuring 60” x 60” will need a backing and batting measuring 66” x 66”.

You may wonder why the backing and batting need to be larger, well this is to load the quilt on my machine.  The backing fabric is attached to the rail leaders with a clip that will not damage your fabric.  The batting and top are then basted into place. 

I would ask that you please remove any loose threads from your quilt top and backing.  This is so that no threads will be pulled up inside the quilt during the quilting process.  This will be particularly visible if a dark thread gets pulled up under a light coloured fabric.

Please iron your quilt top and backing, and ensure that your seams are consistently pressed either open or to one side.

There is no need to baste your quilt.  You can simply bring all three layers separately.  It would be helpful that if the top and/or backing are directional to please indicate this by placing a safety pin at the top.

I hope that we can work together to turn your quilt into a piece of art to be cherished for generations to come.